Kyowa PT Indonesia is a trans-national company engaged in die-casting and machining manufacturing. Being The leading industri in die-casting and machining as well as determined to be the # 1 best company for each customer is main vision of PT. Kyowa Indonesia. Among the efforts of PT. Kyowa Indonesia to make this happen all the directors and the organization of PT Kyowa Indonesia committed to implement the quality policy and quality objectives that have been established.

Company Name



Head Office & Plant : EJIP INDUSTRIAL PARK PLOT 8L-1 CIKARANG SELATAN, BEKASI, JAWA BARAT, INDONESIA Capital USD1,000,000 (Main Shareholder) Kyowa Altec Co., LTD……………………. 80% Yamaha Motor Co., LTD………………… 20%


Motor Cycle Engine, Car Components, Engine for Agriculture, Electrics Component, Others

Monthly Production Quantity About 900 ton / Monthly Average (Consumption Quantity of Ingot Solution) Sales Amount About Rp 416,000,000,000 (As of 2009)

Number of Employee (As of June 2010) Permanent & Contract (Incl. 3Japanese Staff) 489Persons, Outsourcing 739 Persons, Others (Sub-Contract)

Main Customers

  • PT. Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing
  • PT. Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing West Java
  • PT. Yamaha Motor Electronics Indonesia
  • PT. Ihara Manufacturing Indonesia
  • PT. Mikuni Indonesia
  • PT. Fcc Indonesia
  • PT. Mitsubishi Electric Automotive Indonesia
  • PT. Panasonic Electric Works Gobel Manufacturing Ind
  • PT.  Kawasaki Motor Indonesia
  • PT.  Kubota Indonesia
  • PT. Yanmar Diesel Indonesia
  • PT. Aisan Nasmoco Industri
  • PT. Otics Indonesia
  • PT. Jideco Indonesia
  • Others


  • 1995 March, Established PT. Kyowa Indonesia in EJIP Industrial Park as a 100% foreign investment
  • 1996 February, Commenced commercial production
  • 1997: November, Expanded factory for increase of production
  • 1998 Because of Monetary Crisis in 1997, started export DC Product to Japan
  • 2003: April, Acquired QS9000
  • 2004: April, Bought 2nd Plant in EJIP
  • Increased 1Melting Furnace and Middle Size Machine
  • 2007: On Schedule Lay-out to increase Casting Equipment and preparation to increase Machining equipment in expanded building at Plant 2
  • October, Acquired ISO9001: 2000
  • 2008 October, 34 Machine for additional Yokairo 1.5 T Machine and increase 10 Casting Machine
  • July, Increase 33 Machining Machine to integrate production from Casting ~ Machining
  • Increase Precision Measurement Machine for Process (3 Dimension, Profile, Circularity)
  • 2009 Expanded Building at Plant 1
  • 2010 Move Machining equipment and Finishing from Plant 2